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Nov 9, 2017

J.T., Taylor, and Alex talk all things flight simulator and real world aviation with the first ever guest that we have had on the flightsim community podcast, Mr. Keith Smith. Keith is has spent over 20 years on flight simulator, and has also been a huge player in the Air Traffic Control Scene, starting with vatsim in the mid-late 2000s. Keith primarily flies on the X-Plane Platform.

Keith is also a real world licensed pilot that owns a beautiful Lancair, which he has flown coast to coast in the United States. 

Keith then went on to start PilotEdge, which is one of our favorite products here at the show. Pilotedge is a subscription based online network that provides fully staffed Air Traffic Control Services for the vast majority of the western United Stats. 

Make sure to catch Part 2 next week, where we have an in depth discussion with Keith all about the founding and managing of pilotedge.

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